If yunus social business books cant value most trusted partners in pro-youth economics , what can?


Grade 15 & UP aka SMBA
America's Great Mistakes.

 Join thousand of millennial fans of Yunus freedom of markets to end poverty at our facebook club

From December 2007 we sampled 2000 of yunus original breakthrough book

on social business - future of capitalism- we hoped that student unions everywhere would start a club

on future of jobs and their millennials goals.

The movement didnt quite work for various local reasons that were quite a shock -eg western university adminstrations for the most part did everything possible to block such millennials empowerment book clubs; Bangladesh politics ousted yunus from what could have been the world's benchmark youth investment bank. We have new sugestions on how to innovate valuing millennials clubs from 2014-2015 - mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk or if you are involved in republishing youth valuations of universities -something Obama has promised to celebrate while his chnace to empower student regeration of communities is on -more at grameeneducation.com

 YUNUSbook.com - a project of Norman Macrae Foundation              5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404, N. Bethesda MD 20852 USAchris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk WashingtonDC hotline 1 301 881 1655 linkedinNings Norman MacraeYunusCity; JobsCompetitions FutureCapitalism JOSBnet

top 10 global social value collaboration networks  -ranked by estimated delta december 2014/jan 2015 - help face book's yunus fan club add 1000 members a month

Partners in health -haiti, boston, peru, rwarnda, world bank, world health ebola (west africa)

Adds ebola to its worldwide benchmarks for commnity ending infectious diseases (TB, HIV); now world class nursing college out of haiti; now inviting all millennial practitioners at world bank to emulate what health millennials can do


Nobel Peace laureate summit and gorbachev/soros networks

Rome from warsaw/ coming to atlanta with special dedication to Mandela's Cape Town


Soros networks gtrack back to budpaest often through NY and London

Opportunity to involve milenials in surveying social action network of each laureate- only network with opportunity to celebrated linkages of curricula of pope, mandela,king, gandhi . Main european branch Rome; main us branch Atlanta



Bkash continues delta of best for nation banking and jobs designing network- in prime position for open education partners



Open education platfrom unlike any other with reach to 5 billion africans and asiana


Kenya digital age leapfog models

Nanocredit, mpesa, jamii bora, ihub, bridge academies usahidi, the good worldwide youth news out of kenya keeps rolling on


MIT and Boston

Could be at top if we counted how mit is in middle of so many of above projects- still the home of such visions as what te web for berers lee, whats digital media and archotevtire for media lab. Abdul latif has added to ist superpb collection of practice labs with one on water and environment. Also with responsiblemiddle east spenosrship - legatum where most of cashless banking tech wizards are affilated


Iadb, blum centre, yabt, tucamericas, oas

Americas has far the most collaborative youth entrepreneur competitions - fourth triennail celebration panama aprilo 2015 at heads of states summit


Watch out for Ma

Now the internet's greatest educationentrepreneur has IPO's his business side - watch out for his return to job-s linked education- and jobs creating internet for everyine


To come

Vote chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk







 The Least Entrepreuneurial Union in the World?  Follow twitter MYunuslab for seach for pro-youth EU

Instead of celebrating the intellectual , social and economic victory when the berlin wall fall as Europe's senior journalist of entrepreneurship optimistically hoped in 1984, America compounded its neurotic trillionnaire insecurities. Instead of openly collaborating with highly educated but rottenly systemised peoples of East Europe, american superpower took capitalism to its extreme where ironically it met extreme communism. Both end as the same failing system in which the largest organisations become vested interest groups for a few people at the top of the organisation - in extreme capitalism's case they pay themselves 1000 times the average worker, in extreme communism's case they surround themselves with 1000 times more luxury.

What surprises me as son of europe's oldest journalist of future capitalism is the top 10 ideas that dad advocated to keep capitalism microeconomically grounded -let alone sustainable - have been separately adopted by 10 different US institutions each of whom push the one idea to the exclusion of te other nine. This is not how sustainable system designs work economically or socially.

I havent bother myself with trying to work out which is which of the ten think tanks that need to connect with each other - and it may be partly irrelevant as every club is morphing in response to wall street's implosion. One of the most interesting of these formerly separated tenth-right institutes has Ralph Neder parentage. Being a Scot I dont fully know ralph's cv but I have seen him stand up for some very brave consumer rights and some incomprehensibly oddly timed poltical manoeuvres. I am rather fond of the fact that someone who has walked in adjacent streets to the powerful he seems to live a modest lifestyle still energising what he believes is the next peoples crusade. In wall steet watch he may be at his best:
 this is a day full of videos including krugman on what Obama needs to do to prevent banking crisis slumping
this is wsw's summary (sold out march 2009) on the  history of12 deregulatory steps to financial meltdown
1 Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act & rise of culture of recklessness

2 Hiding liabilities- off balance sheet accounting
3 The executive branch rejects financial derivative regulation
4 Congress blocks financial derivative regulation
5 The SEC's voluntary regulation regme for Investment banks
6 Bank self-regulation goes global
7 Failure to prevent predatory lending
8 Federal preemption of state consumer protection laws
9 Escaping accountability -assignee liability
10 Fannie & Freddie enter subprime market
11 Merger mania in banking sector
12 Rampant conflicts of interest- credit ratings firms failure
that was american democracy that was!

chris macrae

YUNUSbook.com - a project of Norman Macrae Foundation              5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404, N. Bethesda MD 20852 USA chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk WashingtonDC hotline 1 301 881 1655 linkedin; Nings Norman Macrae; YunusCity; JobsCompetitions FutureCapitalism JOSBnet


Terminology change - what yunus called future capitalism partnerships in his 2008 book he called (global) social business in his 2010 book

 Chris macrae writes: I have been fortunate to spend time with 2 of the greatest pro-youth economists- my dad Norman Macrae The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant and Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus. Since 1972 when dad and I first saw 500 youth sharinng knowledge around a digital network, I have often been involved in a 5-year project with my dad. Our last project together-involved pro-youth economics models and how bottom-up (community-grounded) models can be chartered to value the most life critical purpose of each global market sector.  Yunus Social Business modeling offers the purest mathematical distinction between phoney capitalism and true capitalism at least as far as the Scottish school of entrepreneurial economics is concerend as originated by Adam Smith and diarised from 1843 by those pursuing the social action purpose that The Economist was founded to progress. YunusBook.com started on xmas day 2007 when I received an email from Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus asking me if I want to vspend my new year week in Dhaka and to explain why dad and I had bought so many of his new book Creating A World Without Poverty- Social Business -, Future of Capitallism. For those convinced by Yunus book that we need to help free youth from macroeconomics. failed system , our dvd club can help search for 10000 collaboration youth who will colaboratively build the future out of every community faster than any 10000 big bankers can destroy the futures 99% of people want most. From fall 2010 we also launched publication of Journal of Social Business. This is edited by Adam Smith scholars and was promoted by the inaugural issue being sent by post to 3000 leaders of Yunus' choice

Definitions of phoney capitalism: as concerns the productivity of the first net generation, we define phoney capitalismn as taking over wherever a global market loses the purpose which would make it most valuable for the human race to invest in exponentially impacting communities (aka global vilages).
The most dsastrous phoney capitalisms of 2012 include
media, social and other
global acccounting
other global professions
place-leading politicians

Pro-youth world's most popular book club leads to some more specialist ones-

which economists - eg StiglitzKrugman -are coming out with books clarifying why the worldwide recession is the greatest error macroeconomists have ever compounded- and will we learn from it in time

what is the minimum literature you need to study if the next billion of unbanked are to be most pursposefully served by cashless banking

Ownership is critical to the integrity of whether a system is designed as a social business model- sometimes the intent of the founders and the legal home that a particular nation alows get complex- discuss at our facebook section on social business. As you may imagine such technical details become crucial to sort out if a sector has special regulatory issues - banking being the prime case in any nation. For example, while many nations have lax legal rules on who can offer credit, most nations have unique laws on who can offer savings. Today, this problem applies to what models of financial services can help to end youth unemployent across (for example) Europe as well as the goal of ending poverty in developing countries. So for economists to understand the true grameen microcredit model, they first need to know that yunus has never separated credit and savings. However in Europe if someone develops a community franchise - say a pop up food produce van aimed at ending food deserts - a peer to peer lending model designed around such a franchise could both create jobs and advance nutrition. Book readers exercise- when would yunus call the financial services component model of such a nutrition app- a valid case of grameen microcredit, a valid case of yunus social business but not of microcredit, neither of these?

 DC is the home hub of the most connected yunus book club -queries chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc 1 301 881 1655- anyone with a social business idea to debate is welcome to join our 2050 experienced readers who since start of 2008 have included sampling to 250 congressmen; 200 georgetown business school students; key transformers in the worlds of aid and diplomacy ; 280 people converging on the yunus debate of whether dc wants to be a leading social business capital hosted at University of District of Columbia during yunus statetwide jobs competitions tour starting off ac year 2012-2013 ; 50 GWU bookclub and ticket delegates to day yunus visited washington in february 2009 to testify about what yes we can supporters could do about the wall street crisis; internationally we have distributed 200 books at yunus 70th birthday celebration weekend in glasgow july 4 2010; 500 books at the world entrepreneur forum in london january 2009 after our offer to freely sample world economic forum with 1000 books was turned down on the grounds that they didnt burden delegates with such (only to find out that they distributed a different social entrepreneur book divorced from any economic modeling); it is also the home of investors in the Journal of Social Business edited out of Glasgow by Adam Smith scholars and mediated by Bangladeshi diaspora pro-youth networkers. More widely will Arab Spring turn to Arab Summer or Arab Winter is a question that cannot begin to be transparently resolved without truly mapping pro-youth economic models. Moreover, Scotland's prep for entrepreneurial independence making the emergence of this free nation a case of a most exciting and collaborative pro-youth economics hub in the first half of 2010s -one that may yet be a benchmark for recovering the whole Entrepreneurial Union. DC is also the home of the Economist's Unacknowledged Giant's last 5 year shared diary with dr Muhammad Yunus.

Examples from Yunus' 50 most exciting projects catalogued at YunusCity 

Glasgow - end nurseless villages

Japan & 5 US States- student social busibess competitions - now yunus favorite  interaction with youth

Macrae's other pro-youthr esearch over last 40 years included    

  • Entrepreneurial Revolutution collecting data on how organisational economics would need to change if you agree that the post-industrial economy needs different professional valuation audits than the industrial thing and tv ad led economy;
  • to the first book (1984 http://www.erworld.tv/id133.html ) on how the net generation could co-create 3 billion jobs and turn 2010s into worldwide youth's most productive and sustainable decade- dad's knowledge of how the world developed showed that the whole human race has only made giant leaps forward with the innovation of either new energy or new humanly connecting technology - logically 2010s can be wordiwde youth's most productive time http://www.wholeplanet.tv/ if investment are made in co-producing the most exciting new milleniium goals with a million times more colaboration tech than when man raed to moon in 1960s


.2008 Yunus Social Business Book

Chapter 1 - best ever chapter on 40 year Entrepreneurial Revolution challenge- late 20th century organisational system are not sustainable for youth's 21st c hyperconnecting age nor for celebrating yunus twin goals:  end of poverty and end of unemployment


..2010 Yunus Social Business Book.

famine74 irrigation loan76 SB76 SB83 legal founders 

children scholars job creation 

we love Q&A on how to openly map who's who of global partnerships in sustainability and quality control of yunus social business model system dsign at nings: MYunus & YunusAsia

.Global Grameen launch alumni asociated with book club 1000: Sofia Bustamante, Chris Macrae, Erich Joachmishaller (co-author with David Aaker of the standard text global brand partnership book Brand Leadership) & Markus Pfeiffer both of Vivaldi Partners,  Andy Dickson for Impact & BBC's Paul Rose. We invite any global grameen launch delegate to join us here - rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv chris washington DC 301 881 1655

Yunus 69th birthday dialogue hosts associated with Yunus book club  : Mostofa Zaman YunusForum.net (authorised Yunus outreach web) and Sofia Bustamante LondonCreativeLabs (leading social business for facilitaors of job creation)

Other world class brand & cross-cultural experts associated with Yunus Book club include : John Caswell GroupPartners.net, Alan Mitchell, Modjtaba Sadria ...


Yunus second bookclub 1000 starts from spring 2010 - why not join us sofia bustamante & chris macrae info @worldcitizen.tv

news from publisher's web

The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity's Most Pressing Needs
The Nobel Peace Prize-winner shows how the social business model can harness the entrepreneurial spirit to address poverty, hunger, and disease

Muhammad Yunus, the practical visionary who pioneered microcredit and, with his Grameen Bank, won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, has developed a visionary new dimension for capitalism which he calls "social business." By harnessing the energy of profit-making to the objective of fulfilling human needs, social business creates self-supporting, viable commercial enterprises that generate economic growth even as they produce goods and services that make the world a better place.

In this book, Yunus shows how social business has gone from being a theory to an inspiring practice, adopted by leading corporations, entrepreneurs, and social activists across Asia, South America, Europe and the US. He demonstrates how social business transforms lives; offers practical guidance for those who want to create social businesses of their own; explains how public and corporate policies must adapt to make room for the social business model; and shows why social business holds the potential to redeem the failed promise of free-market enterprise.

Muhammad Yunus was born in Chittagong , Bangladesh, educated at Dhaka University, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study economics at Vanderbilt University, and became head of the economics department at Chittagong University in 1972. He is the founder and managing director of Grameen Bank. Yunus and Grameen Bank are winners of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.
Karl Weber is a writer based in Irvington, New York. He co-authored Yunus's best-selling book, Creating a World Without Poverty.


Books www.yunusbook.com

30 rsa

30 alan mitchell

20 muftah

20 gladius

200 chris -hope to connect 3 DC unis: RHS, GWU, Geo -mail me at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you can help connect other student fans of Yunus including 

100 sofia looking forward to brochure comparing families of business models

100 jonathan coformed that will get good distribution across hubs 20 cities

20 lesley/taddy

 30 caswell 

50 tom rippin

20 rheingold

20 peter ryan

20 tania

30 vivian/estelle

20 alan webber/heath

20 borje walberg

20 cam

20 mostofa

30 benedicte

50 erich/markus

10 paul rose

10 sam daley harris

20 caitlin

30 olivier

20 spain jaime (montfort plan) and nazrul

10 robert

 melissa carrier (melissa is doing 50 of her won)

Friday, May 7, 2010

here is a very rough list - want to find way that people post in any news they see that connects them with a case ; obviously we can share html

over next 36 hours will try and set up one blog thread per case people can add details to initially at http://journalofsocialbusiness.blogspot.com/

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Journal of Social Business will start by tracking Socilal Business cases cited in Noble Dr Muhammad Yunus new book Building Social Business -search 1 is made at YunusCentre.org ; search 2 is google news; search 3 is all google ; search 4 is made at grameensocialbusiness.org; pleasew tell us of context specific searches you recommend info@worldcitizen.tv

Corporate Brand Cases
1 2 3 4 Grameen Danone
1 2 3 4 Danone Communities
1 2 3 4 Grameen Credit Agricole
1 2 3 4 Grameen Veolia
1 2 3 4 Grameen Intel
1 2 3 4 BASF Grameen
1 2 3 4 Otto Grameen
1 2 3 4 Adidas
1 2 3 4 Uniqlo

Further Grameen Healthcare
Partners : GE Healthcare, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic
Grameen GreenChildren Eyecare
Grameen Caledonian Nursing Institute with Nike Foundation

Universities with Yunus Partnerships
1 2 3 4 HEC World's 1st Social Business Chair (marketing)
1 2 3 4 Glasgow Caledonian World's 2nd Social Business Chair (healthcare and wellbeing)
1 2 3 4 Kyushu (Japan)
1 2 3 4 AIT ( Bangkok)
1 2 3 4 CSUCI (California: LA)

Places with social buisess funds or zones
Paris (Danone Communities)
1 2 3 4 Monaco (Yunus & Prince Albert Fund)
1 2 3 4 Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah)
1 2 3 4 Caldas, Colombia Social Business Zones
1 2 3 4 Haiti Social Business Fund
1 2 3 4 Albania
chris macrae
4:42 am edt 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010




Franck Riboud, CEO Danone (32 & on)

Emmanuel Faber, Danone

Guy Gavelle, Danone

Emmanuel Marchant, Danone 134


Eric Lesueur, Veolia 130

Antoine Frerot, CEO Veolia 133

Elaine LaCroix, Veolia

Patrick Clousseau, Veolia


Michael Otto, Otto Group 181 Grameen Otto

Jurgen Hambrecht, CEO BASF 168

Herber Hainer CEO Adidas 185

Mario Aristizabal Munoz, Governor Caldas Colombia 188



Craig Barrett Intel 170

Kazi Huque, 175 Grameen Intel


Maria Nowak, ADIE  132


Cam Donaldson, Social Business Chair, Glasgow Caledonian 155
Pamela Gillies, ViceChancellor

Barbara Parfitt

Mike Smith Pro VC


Lawrence Faulkner Cure2Children

Eugenio La Mesa Cure2Children

(Guido Lucarelli)


Kyushu 158

AIT 159

Zayed Uni Abu Dhabi


Julia Wilson CSUCI 158


Prince Albert Monaco 161


Hans Reitz, Grameen Creative Lab 151

Sakia Bruysten

Tobias Engelmeir (GCL Delhi)


Dhruv Lakra, Mirakle Couriers 109

Alan Khazei, City Year (150)


Robert Wrexler, lawyer, article on difficulties in registering social business  118


Paul Martin, PM Canada, talk Unleashing Power of Social Enterprise 123


Robert Lang 123

James O’Shea, Journalism


Coen Gilbert, B Lab 126


Ilana DeBare, journalist 127



Adam Smith 156, The Wealth of Nations

Robert Owen, Coop

Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe , architect (god is in the details)



Dr Yunus


Imamus Sultan  98


Dr :Latifee 156

Hassan Ashraf 181


(provisional) Joy of :Life Day, S. Africa, July 2010 153

7:12 am edt 

Report cm

Met dr yunus about 12 times  (4 dhaka, 4 usa, 4 europe) including his 69th birtdhay dialogue to speak to starting first week 2008 and launch of first social business book which friends 1 2 3  4 5  6  7 and I networked dr yunus and 1000 readers and 10000 dvd users around


Have constructed log (sample) of most seminal meetings of dr yunus since 2005 when he first started to co-brand global social business partnerships in sustainability; in his previous 30 years he had designed 10 times more economical models fdor sustaining market exchanges between poorest villagers on most life critical service areas : health, food, water, microentrepreneurial education, energy, roof over heads, safety and financial services. Ultimately nobody in the modern world has system designed so much job creation, and his invitation to unite the network generation in building poverty mu8seums is the most exciting goal in history. For these sorts of reasons his maps on how to turn round Wall Streets’ and other global systems  that are spinning unsustainably are the most vital knowledge areas that 7 billion beings and leadership could be openly interacting around. imo

5:37 am edt 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News from hubworld & our 2000 bookclub network :
Yunus new book in 2010, Building Social Buiness, invites the net generation to make the 2010s the most exciting decade :

we are what goals we decide we must collnoratively linkin by 2020...

MY writes: "What will the world be like 20 years or 10 years from now? Interesting to speculate but for me the more important question: what do we want the world to be like 20, 10 years from now? The difference is huge. The first question makes us passive viewers of unfolding events whereas the second question empowers us to see ourselves as active co-creators of a desired outcome

It is time to take charge of our future rather than accept it passively. What would world you like to help create? It might include:

a world without a single person living in poverty

a world whose oceans, lakes, streams and atmosphere is free of pollution

a world where no child goes to sleep hungry

a world where noone dies a premature death from an avoidable illness
a world were wars are  thing of the past

a world where people can travel freely across borders

a world where no one is illiterate and everyone has easy access to education through the application of new miracle technology

a world where the riches of global culture are available to all

page 204

SofiaB , yunusbookclub and yunus 69th birthday dialogue friends and I have started to brainstorm - what if youth and citizen networks could be surveyed to identify 20 big goals which if they were achieved through microeconomics (community to community) by 2020 would mean that we had bent the curve away from global colapse of sustainability, to sustainability rising

We would very much like these to be open goals that could be tracked and celebrated worldwide but where london and UK would retain some collective ownership of them, and be the first to celebrate events and perhaps prize givings on each at the london sustainbility olympics 2012. We can imagine setting up a different welcoming panel of famous or expert to celebrate practitioners in the 20 sustainability games whose goals we have identified.

If we dont come up with some united proposal on something like this out of the UK, there is a risk that other European capitals wiill take over plans for the olympijcs which yunus is asking all social business networks to swarm to as a key moment in time of the 2010s.

some examples might or might not be

1 since the 2000's the greatest change in ending southern hemisphere poverty - nomination Ingrid Munro -  this particular game/pitch being one relevant to microcreditsummit - still the most extraordinary network I have been able to map - and one whose summits 2009, 2010 in south america and africa, and 2011 while hosted out of spain is being sponsorewd by queen sofia who particularly wants to publish best southern hemisphere progress by micro- both the idea of huge golas and famlous people weklconing grassrioots practioners who do most to find solutions is borrowed frpom microcreditsummit

2 the founding group without whom clean microenergy would be furthest behind  nomination - founders of grameen shakti who have not only won clean energy prizes at ashden awards but whose number also includes the market decvelopment of http://microenergycredits.com/

3 the person who has done most to change sustainbility curricula of students over 18 including MBAs

4 the person who has done most to change education's development on children's and teenager's job creating capacity

if you are interested in piloting this survey through networks or peers you connect, please tell us. I am aware that choosing goals that save the world from a micro perspective may seem to involve somewhat opposite framing from prizes set up for macro-professionals and hugely resourced inventors to lead . I think that could be part of why the survey is worth doing

Game boards for these goals and indeed any goals that need abpove zero-sum collaborations as the net gen comes of age will be at http://www.isabellawm.com/ and associate webs and for open source use.


chris macrae

4:35 pm est 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome to Joy of 2010s Sustainability's Decade. Each year we suggest special research and actions- provisionally 2010 Job Creation worldwide epincentre dhaka, 2011 Queen Sofia of Spain's celebration of the 100 best banks for community worlds, 2012 climate mediation (London sustainability olympics) - as always please tell us if there's a sustainbability celebration not yet in our diary so we can join in circulating best news for humanity with you

2:44 pm est 

2010.05.01 | 2010.03.01 | 2010.01.01 | 2009.12.01

Link to web log's RSS file


Yunus 1000 bookclubs – social business 1.0 and 2.0 


Sofia londoncreativelabs.com,

chris macrae worldclassbrands.tv,

norman macrae normanmacrae.com

isabellawm family foundation trilliondoaraudit.com

mostofa http://yunusforum.net/

hosted 1000 book club on yunus social business model 1.0

We are delighted to announce we will be doing so with yunus global social business modeling 2.0 – global social business is about collaboratively mapping worldwide partners in sustainability from microeconomics modeling viewpoints

We will get 1000 copies of book on its first day of publication –estimated summer 2010 ; if you have a sub network that is interested in connecting round global social business model please contact us so we can arrange how to get you a few books free or more if there may be a common interest in searching for yunus partners in sustainability; partners in global village sustainability take on many types from corporate leader to universities, to place and ecology leaders to philanthropists interested in more sustainable models than give away charities, from citizens job creation networks to editors concerned with open sourcing micro solutions faithfully across global villages Changing economics
 from wall street down to integrating every community rising
best, chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk

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